About Me

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Elizabeth Gwinner is a visual communication designer working in web and multimedia, with a special focus on visual identity and web. Formally trained in fashion, multimedia, web production and photography, Elizabeth developed a following as a professional photographer and graphic design for websites and print magazines and catalogs. She has worked with clients to develop creative direction, visuals, and strategy for social networks, online games, and digital goods. Elizabeth is the creator behind the seven-volume Avatar Fashion book series, and web designer behind Popganic.com, TrendTap.com, Metrogo.com, Dollums.com, Digitalmediasig.com, Augmentedreport.com, Avatafashion.net gomobilerent.com, designgarage.org, Fannywang headphones, 8dcafe.com, 500milebar.com, living-energy.com, aucua.com, Californiaheadphones, Hardcandycases.com, Gumdropcases.com and other clients websites.