Web Platforms





I have knowledge of these free software web applications some of my websites are used WordPress, BuddyPress, Magento, Drupal :
TubePress (Video gallery software)
Gallery (Photo sharing)
Piwigo (Photo sharing)
Flowplayer (video streaming)
OpenBroadcaster (video streaming)
Plumi (video streaming)
Libre.fm (music streaming)
CiteSeerX (Bibliographic database)
OpenStreetMap (mapping)
ownCloud (file sharing)
Seafile file (sharing)
Tahoe Least-Authority Filesystem file sharing
iFolder file sharing
AbiCollab Online file editing
Etherpad Online file editing
Eucalyptus (computing) Virtual machine
Globus Toolkit (Virtual machine provisioning)
OpenNebula Virtual machine provisioning
DokuWiki Wiki
MediaWiki Wiki
Open Journal Systems publication management
WordPress blogging
Jaiku blogging
StatusNet Microblogging
Piwik Web analytics
AppScale Virtual web hosting
Zimbra Online office suite
PHPGroupware Online office suite Google Docs
Feng Office Online office suite Google Docs,
Etherpad Online office suite
Vanilla forum
Funambol WebMail
OpenConf Submission management system
EasyChair Submission management system
LimeSurvey Internet survey SurveyMonkey, Surveytool, Google Form creator
Cheetah News RSS reader
Identi.ca Social aggregation
Noserub Social aggregation
Meneame Social news Digg
Reddit Social news
Mixx Social news Digg
Friendica Distributed social network
Diaspora Distributed social network
BuddyPress Distributed social network
Scuttle Social bookmarking Delicious
ShiftSpace Social bookmarking Delicious
Ma.gnolia 2
Social bookmarking Delicious
OpenID Identity
Identity / credentials
CAcert.org Encryption
Apertium Translation
EyeOS Homepage
Smartlyfe Social Network