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Augmented Report features research and resources for augmented reality projects. Here you can find information on hardware, software, developers, project managers, artists, and consultants to make your augmented reality projects a success. At Augmented Report will also explore the implications of a fully augmented reality.
Augmented reality is inseparable from the virtual world topic we have documented for over 3 years as the Virtual World SIG. Expect to find leaders in the field, insight, and new connections as we explore the augmented future.

GoMobileRent  Rent office space, rent tools, rent instruments, rent storage space, rent commercial kitchen, rent dresses, rent boats, rent vacation home and much more – all from your mobile device.




FlyGalz Welcome aboard!  FlyGalz is a members only website created by a flight attendant for female flight attendants.  Let’s keep it clean and a cool place for anyone to visit.  If you are a company or business wishing to advertise, please contact us.  You know the drill. Why FlyGalz and not your typical generic “flight crew?”  Dare to be different is what FlyGalz is to women’s magazines. Guys, we can’t stop you from registering no more than we can stop your from subscribing to Oprah.  But do recommend us to your gal pals. Start connecting with other FlyGalz around the world, and promote your country, business and city.  Share cool places to see.  Who knows we might just end up in the same place!




STAKKUM has been called the “ultimate icebreaker” because its ability to stimulate fun interactions is unmatched. STAKKUM is a super-simple social game and an aesthetic mix of style and interaction. Anyone can join in the fun in under one minute. Need something to break the ice and energize two or more? All you have to do is choose the STAKKUM set that matches your style — put them on the table, and watch the fun happen!


Avatar Fashion Avatars’ Network for Real People. Check out our avatar community. Shop, Create, Connect.

PopganicBe part of the launch of the debut POPGANIC accessories line that brings your digital devices up to speed with the pace of style. What it’s all About-This is the debut of the POPGANIC accessory sleeve – A mini-clutch with specially designed functional view window for your phone. Use your smartphone without ever removing it from its sleeve! Designed for You-Like you, we’re always carrying both a wallet and a smartphone.

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